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Powershell WPF GUI to create IntuneWin application

The Microsoft Win32 Content Prep Tool is employed to pre-process Windows Classic apps. This tool facilitates the conversion of application installation files into the .intunewin format, which is compatible with Intune. Additionally, the packaging tool identifies and captures the necessary parameters that Intune utilizes to determine the installation state of the application. By utilizing this tool on your apps, you gain the ability to easily upload, assign, and manage the apps within the Microsoft Intune console.

To simplify the process of wrapping Win32 applications into IntuneWin packages and make it more accessible to non-technical users, a PowerShell GUI script has been developed. This script leverages the existing Microsoft Win32 Content Prep Tool. Typically, this task is performed by application packagers or the Intune deployment team. The GUI application provides a user-friendly interface for these individuals to create IntuneWin packages without needing to work directly with command line tools or possess advanced technical knowledge.

You can find the source code on GitHub.

Within the tool's intuitive interface, you have to define following parameter:

Application Source Folder: This option allows you to specify the folder containing the application files that you want to package into an IntuneWin format. Simply browse and select the desired source folder.

Application Name: Browse the application from the source folder. This name will be associated with the IntuneWin package.

Output Folder: This folder is the location where .intunewin application will be copied. You can either set the existing source folder as the output folder or select a different folder of your choice.

Once you've filled in these details, you're ready to proceed. Simply click the 'Create' button to initiate the creation process of the IntuneWin application. This button triggers the tool to package the application files.

Apart from 'Create', two additional buttons are available:

Clear: This button allows you to clear any previous selections or inputs, providing a fresh starting point for the creation process.

Cancel: If needed, this button allows you to exit the form and cancel the operation altogether.

The tool also displays the source folder size, provides real-time progress updates, and displays execution details in a rich text box.

In summary, the Microsoft Win32 Content Prep Tool is a command line utility designed to pre-process Windows Classic apps for deployment with Microsoft Intune. By converting the application installation files into the .intunewin format, the tool enables easy uploading and assignment of Win32 apps within the Intune console. Furthermore, it captures the required parameters for Intune to accurately determine the installation state of the application. This GUI tool simplifies the packaging and deployment process, making it more convenient for both technical and non-technical users to create Win32 apps with ease.

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18 dic 2023

Great tool, but I would also add the file type .ps1. I did because I wanted to deploy a PowerShell script as a Win32 app.

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