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PowerShell to get MECM boot image information

Updated: Jan 29, 2023

MECM boot images can be used to boot from USB or over the network. This is a crucial step in the installation of the OS image. Detailed information on the boot image is sometimes required. This data is useful for comparing several boot images. It would be great if we have the data in HTML report or excel sheet. The purpose of this script is to accomplish the aforementioned objective.

This script is written in PowerShell and have below prerequisite

  1. Active connection to MECM

  2. Must be run as administrator

  3. User should create a text file having package ID in that at C:\temp\bootimagelist.txt

This script will first connect to SCCM and then it will get the boot image information of all boot image package id as below.

$bootImageResult=Get-CMBootImage -id $bootImagePackageID

Later it will also get the driver injected into each boot image by get-cmdriver command let.

$driverResult=Get-CMDriver -id $id |Select-Object LocalizedDisplayName,DriverVersion,CI_ID,ContentSourcePath,DateCreated,DriverClass,DriverDate,DriverINFFile,ObjectPath

Next it will capture the optional component of each boot image by Get-CMWinPEOptionalComponentInfo command let.

$componentResult=Get-CMWinPEOptionalComponentInfo -UniqueId $cid | Select-Object Name,@{Expression={$_.DependentComponentNames -as [string]};Label="Dependent Component"}-unique

Finally it will export the data in .HTML file.

You can download the complete script from here and save it as .ps1 file. Please leave comment if you have any. #MECM #SCCM #BootImage #BootImageReport

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