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Check task sequence's packages availability on distribution point by PowerShell


In MECM environments, setting up a new distribution point with PXE for Windows image deployment is a common scenario. However, ensuring that all packages in the task sequence are properly distributed to the new distribution point can be a time-consuming process, especially for lengthy task sequences. Manual verification becomes even more cumbersome, leading to potential errors and delays in the deployment process. To address these challenges, we present a powerful solution in the form of a PowerShell script. This script connects to Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager (MECM), allows the user to input the task sequence package ID and distribution point, and automates the distribution status check for each referenced package. The result is a comprehensive HTML report that provides a clear representation of the distribution status for efficient decision-making.

By connecting to MECM, the script gains access to the MECM and leverages its capabilities to perform the following steps:

Establishing MECM Connection:

The script initiates by connecting to MECM using the provided site code and SMS Provider Server name. This connection is vital for accessing the MECM database and gathering essential package information.

User Input:

Administrators are prompted to input the task sequence package ID and the name of the new distribution point. These inputs are crucial in identifying the specific task sequence and distribution point for verification.

Retrieving Referenced Packages:

The script dynamically retrieves all packages referenced within the specified task sequence. It efficiently queries the MECM to obtain accurate package IDs associated with the task sequence.

Package Distribution Status Check:

For each referenced package, the script automatically verifies whether it is distributed to the new distribution point. By comparing the package's object ID with the object IDs of all available packages on the distribution point, the script determines the distribution status.

Generating HTML Report:

Upon completing the distribution status check, the script generates an HTML report that presents comprehensive package details. The report includes package names, package IDs, object IDs, package types, and distribution statuses (distributed or not distributed). This visually appealing report provides administrators with a clear representation for efficient analysis and decision-making.


Our PowerShell script simplifies the process of verifying task sequence package distribution on a new MECM distribution point with PXE for Windows image deployment. By automating this essential task and generating an informative HTML report, the script significantly reduces the time and effort required for the verification process. Administrators can now proceed with confidence, knowing that their task sequences are ready for successful deployments.

To incorporate this powerful automation into your MECM toolkit, download the script from GitHub. As with any PowerShell script, always review the code to ensure compatibility with your environment and execute it with appropriate administrative privileges.

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